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In 1927, a milestone in film history occurred, Al Jolson starred in "The Jazz Singer", considered to be Hollywood's first talkie. Adding a musical score and a few spoken lines to the moving picture was a huge hit. However, it also threw some people in the film business out of work. Bignames. Silent movie stars. And everyday people like Ray de Steiger. He wasn't famous like some of the others but he lost his job just the same. You see, he played piano in the local movie theaters for the silent movies. Now that sound was a part of the picture there was no need for his piano playing talents. So Ray went looking for work. He tried his hand at several things before he finally found success in the lighting business. That was 70 years ago.

Now, we're not saying that if sound hadn't come to the film industry you wouldn't have electric lights in your home. Oh no, not at all, but we're confident that you wouldn't have such a nice store to shop and save on lighting products.

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